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SSL Certificates

When customers visit your website, they might check the URL in the browser bar to see if it’s a secure HTTPS, rather than HTTP connection before entering their personal information. But Google research found that many people don’t check first for an HTTPS connection — putting themselves and their information inadvertently at risk, even on some of the world’s most visited websites.

The new Google Chrome 'Not Secure' warning firmly now puts website security as a top priority for surfers. When a page is loaded in Chrome, Google will look for forms that collect passwords and/or credit card numbers, plus check for valid SSL certificates that provide secure HTTPS connections.

Websites that take in sensitive data but are not protected by SSL certificates will be flagged as “Not secure.” This is likely to progressively have a negative impact on Google rankings and surfer confidence as they become more informed about website security.

Making the web more secure with SSL certificates

Domain Validated SSL

Domain Validated SSL

This is the lowest cost option and the quickest to set up. Certificates are usually issued within a few days.

Organisation Validated SSL

Organisation Validated SSL

Same encryption as domain validated but some company checks are run before the certificate can be issued. This can be checked by the user when clicking the padlock in the browser. Certificates are usually issued within a few days.

SSL Search Ranking

SSL Search Ranking

Google recently announced a change to their indexing algorithm that gives a boost to websites using SSL certificates over their non SSL counterparts. 

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